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January 2015 Ideas Archive February 2015 Ideas Archive March 2015 Ideas Archive April 2015 Ideas Archive May 2015 Ideas Archive June 2015 Ideas Archive July 2015 Ideas Archive August 2015 Ideas Archive September 2015 Ideas Archive October 2015 Ideas Archive Life is not a spectators game. If something really matters to you, remember it every single day. Be obsessive about your vision not your tactics. (Vinod Khosla) If you do bad and nobody tells you, start to worry. Make a better mistake tomorrow. (Angus Davis) Learning is what you do to yourself, education is what you receive from others. (Joi Ito) Experience is what you get when don't get what you wanted. A rigid chair give rigid chats, but cushion gets flexible chats. Vice (good or bad) = behavior that satisfies 3 or more basic needs. 50% of the air we breathe comes from microbes. A broken watch is right twice a day. Your wellbeing is linked to the wellbeing of others. Is the risk worth the reward? Constant change is the new norm. Each time you repeat an experience you lose a bit of interest in it. The simplest questions could lead you to the edge of knowledge. Timing is everything. Do you know what is the paradox of ageing? Make it, sell it, look after the money (Ernesto Sirolli) A puzzle is a fun to solve problem with a right answer. (Scott Kim) Pivot or persevere. (Eric Ries) Do you know that even a rock is mostly empty space. Instead of choosing your best idea, let the idea choose you. To convince be credible, tangible & inclusive. When cars talk to each other, driving will become safer. Compromise in color is grey. Success and mastery are different things. We are all entrepreneurs only a few of us get to practice. Danger is different than fear. Cities live longer than states. Owls are the quiets bird in flight. An ounce of hope is worth a ton of despair. How does your country perform in The Social Progress Index? Good teachers rise good questions. Constrains push innovation. Incentives leads to self organizing. Fear is driven and drives imagination. Do you know what is the ethnosphere? Use your limitations to boost your imagination. Tools amplify our strength, collaboration amplifies our intelligence. Choice not chance determines your destiny. (Aristotle) Ask the last question first. (Alan Webber) What matters is not what you are going to do, is what you are going to do next. Be better faster. Do you know what is the World Science Festival? Best practices, if not updated regularly, tend to be useless. Do you know what the Machiavellian test is? Shipping is 90% of world trade. (Rose George) The content is now been created by machines. Do you know what is the Future of Life Institute? 3 types of people unmovable, movable & people who move. (Benjamin Franklin) Old masters always teach. Learn faster than your  world is changing. A bias is a way to get things wrong. Fear of death is natural but not rational. (Epicurus) A leap is different than a step. If it's not true don't say it, if it's not right don't do it. Plan for the future there is where you are going to spend the rest of your life. (Mark Twain) 2/3 of today's children will have jobs that doesn't exist today. You will go faster if you learn from the mistakes of others. Physics explains chemistry, chemistry explains biology, biology explains  psychology.(David Chalmers) Wanting + liking = engagement. Deciding a priory what you are willing to lose reduces risk and uncertainty. In the 50s we slept 8h/day, now less than 6,5h.(Russell Foster) When we share our knowledge it changes us. Do you know what is the human superorganism? Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Do you know what is the Flynn effect? Beethoven was the first music entrepreneur. (Jose Bowen) Time is something you should not waste. Who is your coach? inertia vs momentum. We need an errors database. Pay close attention to negative feedback. You have to be smart to acknowledge your ignorance. Feel, imagine, do and share. Outreach instead of outsell. Almost free communication leaded to outsourcing offshore. Narratives don't have end stories does. Birds paint on the sky the arrival of the spring. Pagination came almost 100 years before Guttenberg. Being scary & lonely can lead to change. Show up and your dreams will too. Attention is the gateway to the mind. Stories are more credible if told with: emotion, confidence and detail. 75% of the world will live in cities by 2040. Anger is a powerful force, can you channel it? What is the echo you leave in the world? There is high quality and bad quality ignorance. (Stuart  Firestein) Apologize for what you have done  but not for who you are. Do you know what is sound tourism? Find something expensive and make it cheap. The limits of my language, means the limit of my world. (Ludwig Wittgenstein) Economic success usually involves fighting others, personal success  involves fighting yourself. Do you have a list of fears? If it`s time to give back, you took too much. (Ricardo Semler) You must set a new goal as soon as the previous one fails. (E. Shackleton) A metaphor can be interpreted in several ways, so be careful with them. There is nothing worse than answering right, the wrong question. Invention does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos.(Mary Shelley) The opportunity is above us, keep jumping until you get one.(J. D. Rockefeller) Be passionate, be genuine, be hardworking  and don't forget to be great. (Pete Frates) Knowledge speaks but wisdom listen. (Jimi Hendrix) Don't expend the money you don't have in something you don't  need b. Find a problem to solve that keeps you up at night. (Nikolai Begg) Life is all about tradeoffs. Only those who dare to fall greatly will succeed greatly. (J. F. Kennedy) In health zip code means more than your genetic code. There is no point in throwing a party if nobody is coming. Leadership is a choice. Try and fail  but don't fail to try. (Vinod Khosla) A hobby can become a habit . Do you know what is frugal innovation? If you want to go  to the moon, you  need to shot for the moon. The simplest answer usually is  the right one.  (Ockam's Razor) Reward the process not only the result. Have a milestone you really believe in. Your daily willpower will decay as you pretend to be someone you are not. Is better to be wrong than to be vague. Turn a no into a maybe, and a maybe into a yes. The future is not Googleable. (W. Gibbson) Remember that question begins with the word quest. Go small where it matters and large where it counts. From wearable to implantable. Spend time thinking why you could be wrong. What makes you angry, is a powerful driver to change. Understand your story before delivering it. Scientific ingenuity is key to progress. Never stop looking for mentorship. Meaning comes after thought but before language. Sleep enhances creativity. Empathy & compassion vs judgment & contempt. Chasing meaning is better than avoiding discomfort. Aging is not  about the old, is about everyone. Being less bad is not good enough. Technology enabler + new business models = innovation. What do you stand for? Eureka moment vs trial & error, Archimedes vs Edison. The word scientist appeared in 1833. Go for physical, mental, emotional & social resilience. From the mainframe healthcare to the personal healthcare . Smart people believe half of what they hear, wise people know which half. The faintest sound we can hear moves our ear drum 4 atomic diameters. The important thing is what you can do with others. Information now is like food. From values to attitudes instead of just intentions. Shared vehicles multiply users by 4. Hesitation is bad. I have a dream is more powerful than I have a nightmare. The balance between human/pets vs other animals has shifted dramatically in the last 50 years. Plant roots are like networks. Be reliable, cheap and have scaling in mind. Informal economy is like dark energy. Engage & do or watch & wonder. Adapt all the time, nonstop. Illusion is all about  assumptions, presumptions & context. Do you have a life dashboard? Our nose detects better the very small than our vision. Knowing it it's not the same as doing it. Social is now a feature not a platform. (Roger Mcnamee) Performance is improved through appreciation. When you win, try to take the role of the defeated. If you are comfortable in your job you may be in the wrong job. Do you know what is burning ice? The orbit of the moon needs a formula with 10,000 terms. A creative person is a good pattern recognizer. We tend to underestimate the amount of change in the short and long term. Problems screams, solutions whisper. From human dialects to machine dialects. Be competent, reliable and honest. 60% of Americans believe in hell, 85% in heaven. Live your life as a marathon not a sprint. People, resources, processes and values define a business. The key to innovation is courage. A city is the sum of the relationships of the people who live there. (Dave Troy) From storytelling to narrative framing. A crowd and a community are different concepts. In science all models are wrong but some are useful. Life is lived forward, but understood backward. (Soren Kierkegaard) Evolution or revolution? Everybody has an strategy until they are punched in the face. (Mike Tyson) From learning to discovering. Two important moments: the day you born and the day you discover why. From distracting the brain to training it. Not all who wander are lost. (Michael Anton) Rise above the noise. Thought is action in rehearsal. (Sigmund Freud) From data points of me to a model of me. Success is dangerous because you start  to copy yourself. (Pablo Picasso) To be relevant, be good at something that matters to you and others. (Vala Afshar) If you are not helpful you're not influential. The future is already here but unevenly distributed. (William Gibson) Does your company has a Chief Apology Officer? Learning is remembering what you are interested in. (Richard Saul Wurman) In a world of abundance, the filter is the value. (Eileen Gittins) From selling commodities to selling dreams. Life test our will in two ways: or nothing happens, or everything happens at the same time. (Paulo Coelho) Google only needs 22 points of navigation data to identify you. Soon we will be able to download vaccines. (Craig Venter) Gratefulness makes you happy. You learn when you get to a milestone sooner than you think. (Tony Fadell) How do you react to the inevitable frustration of failure? It is easier to sell painkillers than vitamins. Small wins can accumulate to a big breakthrough. Dream big, dream small but dream. (Joanne Wilson) Do you know what is the human voice bank? You can't get to wonderful without passing through all right. (Bill Withers) We are blind to the ordinary things of our lives. What we know next will change what happens next. (Karl Popper) Curiosity and rigor are key to finish any endeavor. In contrast to machines we are programmed to pause. Ask what do you have? Instead of what do you miss? Ubuntu means i am because we are. Give before get Creativity is intelligence having fun. (Albert Einstein) To get something you never had, you have to do something you have never done. There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs. People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything. (Thomas Sowell) Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself. Pessimism, presentism and gradualism make us blind to see the future. Do you know what is McKinsey Quarterly? Adopt the craftsman mindset. From immediate to important. Find, engage and pay. Do you know what is Future Tense? Quiet People have the loudest minds. (Stephen King) From raw data to understandable visuals. The 100 best companies of all time, none was started alone Persistence gets you closer to the reward. When you approach complexity a good strategy is to simplify. Intelligence tries to maximize future freedom of action. (Alex Wissner-Gross) A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. Is != ought. (Ruth Chang) A master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried. Do not look back too much, you are not going that way. Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. (Winston Churchill) If it is important you will find a way, if not you will find  an excuse. No customers no business. We are what we think. Silence is there for a reason. Thinking is difficult that's why most people judge. (Carl Jung) Do not ruin an apology with an excuse. From dreams to memories. I have never let school interfere with my education. (Mark Twain) Being reliable is not the same as being  trustworthy. You can't build a strong house with bad foundations. Leaders made the impossible possible. Values and behaviors can conflict. There is no shortcut to joy. (Chris Burkard) Life is like vintage photography, we develop from the negatives. Understand your limits and then push them. So what? Now what? (Linda Cliatt Wayman) Work to create a stronger version of yourself. Success is not a goal is in the doing. (Ian MacKaye) Study yourself failing. Our eyes are like a 130mpx camera. If you view the world, at fifty as you did at twenty, you have wasted thirty years. (Muhammad Ali) It is difficult to grow unless you struggle. Create a very different alternative. We can't waste any brain. (Steve Silberman) Values ahead of revenue. Confidence and enthusiasm are different. When we improvise we suppress the ability to judge ourselves. Knowledge of what we do wrong is gold. (Scott Belsky) Push your curiosity until it almost become unbearable. Mentor someone different. It is the shield that matters not the spear. (Simon Sinek) If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you. Climb mountains not for the world to see you, but so you can see the world. Comfort is the enemy of achievement. Possibility is all about physics, probability is all about spirit. (Michael Sanderson) A goal is not always meant to be reached, if often serves simply as something to aim at. (Bruce Lee) From what is easy to what is right. Luck = preparation + opportunity. Learn, un-learn, re-learn and start over. The world is a book and those, who do not travel, read only one page. (St. Augustine) I love New York, you are never alone but you are always on your own. (Blair Waldorf) From correlation to causality. Keep your eyes on the prize. Do you know what is computational creativity? The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing. (Walt Disney) Cure yourself from idea resistance. Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody. We have at least three brains, in our head, heart & gut. From a dream to a plan. Too much ego will kill your talent. Sell the problem you solve, not your product. I choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because will find an easy way to do it. (Bill Gates) Deconstruction or de intermediation can break your business. Be too busy working in your own grass to notice if the neighbor's is greener. It is better to know than only wonder. Do not worry about failure, you only have to be right once. (Drew Houston) The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. (Vidal Sassoon) Positivity and proactively mixed are a strong force. Misinformation is everywhere. Only 8% of the fears get real. Words once said, only can be forgiven, not forgotten. If someone say you dream to big, just replay they think too small. From assumptions to knowledge. From Talk to Act, from Say to Show and from Promise to Prove. Lazy people call obsessed, the dedicated people. Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist. (Pablo Picasso) Chopping your own wood, will warm you twice. (Henry Ford) From limit your challenges, to challenge your limits.
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