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January 2014 Ideas Archive February 2014 Ideas Archive March 2014 Ideas Archive April 2014 Ideas Archive May 2014 Ideas Archive June 2014 Ideas Archive July 2014 Ideas Archive August 2014 Ideas Archive September 2014 Ideas Archive October 2014 Ideas Archive November 2014 Ideas Archive December 2014 Ideas Archive Conducting is like holding a bird in your hand, too tight you crush it, too loose it leaves. Do you know what Amazon Mechanical Turk is? If a problem cannot be solved, enlarge it, coined by Eisenhower. Cyark Archive is a 3d point cloud project for heritage. There is a Science behind jokes too. Scarce resources leads to price increase. Do not trust second hand information go to the source. When previously impossible feats become possible, the world changes. We are enough. Try to provoke yourself at least once a week. Be a traveler not a tourist. Never say a thing that could not stand as the last thing you have ever said. A single story is always biased. Your focus determines your reality. It is better to be fool one minute than all your life. Do you know what computational knowledge economy is? Change what you do to fit the context. Traits: creativity, impact & control lead to a great work. Most of our brain is dedicated to movement related tasks. Everybody dies but not everybody lives. If you change the way you look you change what you see. 1 in a million chance of dying is 1 micromort. can you make fire with ice? The most difficult to research for a fish is the water. Do you know what the World Resources Institute is? Frustration can be very stimulating. Types of trends: micro  1-5 years, macro 10-20 years, mega +20 years, giga trends +50 years. Two days a year a person does or feels something totally different that all the humans. Learning is not done in isolation you need feedback. We are constantly making predictions. Do you know what Open Street Map is? It is easier to make people believe an idea than to probe an argument. Focus more on becoming better than in the little details. For each dollar spent on the Apollo program 14 where returned to the US economy. Get very close to the adjacent possible. In brain theory we are in the pre-paradigm days. Do you know what neuro-engineering of human behavior is? Magic is practicing, training, experimenting, while pushing to the pain to reach it. Culture is a reaction to nature. Let the dataset change your mind set. Empathy has two channels emotional body channel and cognitive channel. Life is not what you do is who you travel with. Debugging is learning to learn. We are going to a world of augmented intelligence. Can you resume in 1 minute who you are? There are no passengers in spaceship earth only crew. If something is scary in your life you may do it. Change comes with the ability to hold two opposite ideas in the mind at the same time. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win. Track in a spreadsheet every hour of your day/week I do it! Do you know what tumor treating fields for cancer are? Enthusiasm is not enough. Use the power of focusing your attention to what really matters. Energy in a city: 44% buildings, 26% transport people, 8% transport goods & 22% industry. Worldwide people has over a trillion hours of  free time. Do you know where good ideas come from? Principles of open world collaboration: transparency, sharing & empowerment. Is medical technology getting more expensive? Take a walk with a turtle. Do what people are willing to pay for. Try something bold if it makes your life more interesting. In biology software makes its own hardware. From genomics to proteomics. If you can't explain something simply you don't fully understand it. Do you know how to use your mind filters? If you want to destroy something encircle it and will starve. Do you know what open hardware is? There are more mountains on the oceans than on the continents. When you have a hammer everything looks like a nail. Food + cooking = energy. Look to the problem not to the current solution. What it's the cost of not acting now? Do you know what is a tixel? Compassion enhances our immune system. Words are attractive due to its syntaxes, semantics and pragmatics. The whole web is connected in less than 19 clicks. Use dichotomic words to generate thinking. Objectives have start and end, interests can be endless. The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off. You are either remarkable or invisible. Don't mistake the problem with the symptoms. The main cognitive ability that didn't decrease with age is verbal. From the what and how to the why. The human arm has 27 degrees of movement. 80% of the information we get comes from our eyes. Do you know what ecogenetics is? Beauty is a work well done. Be totally in the moment. Every act of communication is an act of translation. Someday we will scan and print body parts directly in our bodies. Our spectrum of taste: sweet, sour, salty, bitter & umami. No key opens all doors. Do you know what the Journal of Visualized Experiments is? Do you know what the WebGL Globe is? It's key to have a clear and compelling mission. Embrace the paradox and act in the face of overwhelm. A stranger maybe a friend you have never meet. Do you know what the gates notes are? Faked passion can also get results. From belief to behavior to business. Devil is in the detail. Do you know what cymatics is? Do you know what behavioral markers are? From Internet to matternet. We call our planet earth but should be called ocean since it's 94%. Your acts reach where your words can't. Advertising is the price companies pay for being unoriginal. 1 in a million chance is like flipping a coin and get tails 20 times in a row. Use sinesthesia or a mix of the senses to reach your audience. The law of 40% of certainty or data gathered is a good indicator to start something. Do you know what metal foams are? People buy flow now instead of matter. We need a  scientific model for cities. Do your current task as it is the only task. Turn to the person close to you and smile. Animal legs are like springs. Looks like jokes can't be copyrighted. There has been 29 upgrades of humanoids since beginning of time, only 0,004 different in each step. Bad incentives leads to people doing bad things. 1% of the population is on wheelchair. Do you know what is the Institute for the future? A check list review is key to make systems work beyond specialization. Do you know what DNA origami is? Have you seen The Observatory of Economic Complexity? Do you know what open government is? Do you know what Awesomeness Fest is? Use microbets with short end times < 1 month to create new value & get concrete feedback. Do you know what geomedicine is? Do you know what the H+ magazine is? We are losing the biodiversity of seeds. Motivation requires three factors: autonomy, competence & relatedness. Free world gets what it celebrates or rewards. More media means more arguing. From rural to Cities: Europe 200 yrs, China only 20 yrs. Care to use the blame of the other. Have you seen the Virtual Choir of Erik Whitacre? Do you know what the center for science and imagination is? Have you tried the five dollar challenge? Passion could be a side effect of mastery. Be expressive instead of neutral. Comedy is all about misdirection. Use pictures & colors for  memory  and calculations. Transaction cost, like it or not is at the essence of corporations existence. Do you know what functional paper is? Tracking self info biometrics is not a trend is a must. Do you know there is a genome compiler? Live your life like if you are close to an epic win. Technology is the seventh kingdom of life. From the dataset to the data universe. How do you communicate to a world of 750 languages? 1 Chinese character tweet equals 3,5 in English. Always listen to others stories. When birds sing its safe, when they stop maybe not so safe! A beetle can detect a fire kilometers away. Get yourself into 30 days challenges, small but sustainable. Do you know what morphogenesis is? Don't underestimate the power of a photograph. Never before food production is in so few hands -5% of world population. Language is a tool of social technology. Can boredom be catalyzed? Connections matter, look for example at graphite vs diamond. Have you seen the amazing visualizations of ITOWorld? 80% of animals walk in 6 legs. Have you seen the Directory of Open Access Journals? Is cooperation without coordination possible? There are always unintended consequences and possibilities too. Because a strategy worked in the past, it doesn't mean it will do in the future. To persuade use the social proof. You can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. 7 billion  consumers, 1.5 billion producers & 500 companies control 70% of commodities trade. Looks like power is moving from west to east. You can make others do what you want by paying, coercion or convincing they want it too. Life is in an incline you either go up or down. Brain computes using 100000 times less energy than computers Make big decisions first by narrowing to smaller ones. When something goes wrong ask why five times. Stone age did not finish because we run out of stone. Some skills need flexible circuits to grow, others need consistent circuits. Believe in experts shuts down the decision centers of the brain. Man is the only species  who refuses to assume what he really is. In a graph the x marks the spot. Have you seen the Gigapixel images of the Google art project? There are opportunities in e-waste. Do you know what is the Kaggle data competition? Have you seen the British Library's Digitized Manuscripts Archive? Do you know about The Genographic Project? Use each language you know for a different purpose. Liquid metal batteries are the future of energy storage. Do you have a Body area network already? Do you know there is an App Store for robots? No mistakes no learning. Body mass vs metabolic rates follow the same ratio for all species. Beliefs are sometimes more powerful than religion to reach people. In fashion design there is no copyright, only trademarks. Autism has increased 78% since 2001. Try iterative learning. Do you know what is The Monte Carlo Method? 37 vibrations of sound, difference happiness from sadness. Have you read the Biopunk book? Our brain right hemisphere is a parallel processor, left is a serial processor. We are here to challenge the impossible. From web links to links of ideas. It is not where you start in life, is what you do with life. The great things in life are accidental, not planned. Use cartoons to tell stories. Creativity is all about perspectives. What would you attempt, if you where sure you will not fail? Epictetus: it's not events, but our opinions about them which cause us suffering. Symbols reach deeper in memory than words. Music can change your life. The spaces we create reflect who we are. There is no good or bad weather, only unique weather. Amyloid plaques in retinas seems to be linked to Alzheimer?s disease. In 1890 9 out of 10 white males worked for themselves. We have much to learn from animal swarms. Do you know what was the Global Future 2045 ? 5 top regrets: 1st Education, 2nd Career, 3rd Romance, 4th Parenting, 5th Health. 94% of the 106 billion people who ever live are dead. Social movements: ideas + narratives + symbols + leaders. if you control the code you control the world. Contagious outbreaks: pathogens, information, norms & behaviors. Philippe Petit's traits: passion, tenacity, intuition, faith, improvisation & inspiration. What version of your obituary you want to be? 1944: 100 nations in the world, 2014: almost 200. Write ten things you know are true and compare them with others. New challengers bring new opportunities. Laws of learning: explanation, demonstration, imitation, correction and repetition. Change your behavior and you change  your mind. Your preferences are influenced by your culture. Doubt is the enemy of the will. Everybody is willing to give something  for what they are hungry for. Translate intentions to actions. From what is this? to what can I do with it? Doodling improves learning. Having a diary supports personal development. Give yourself a challenging problem to solve. Pessimism is a luxury of good times. Normal means average. We explore for curiosity, fear and wealth. What is your life skill? Realistic optimism leads to success. What is your online legacy? What are your filters? Do you know what Computational Photography is? Practice is the thing that makes you good. When people say something is impossible, is because they don't know yet how to do it. Don't go where the path may lead instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Emerson Innovation challengers: belief, face ridicule, convince others, rise funds, bureaucracy, failures and goals. To make changes you need to imagine other realities. Brain's prefrontal cortex is our virtual simulator. Don't postpone anything. Learn from everyone, follow no one, watch for patterns & work like hell. Scott Mccloud Do you have the God complex? Or the trial & error? Are you living or existing? (Rick Warren) Do you know what is the Public Library Of Science? From I can do it to I will do it. The seeking for normality sacrifices potential. Good incentives + high skills =  success. Behavior determines who you become. Beer is in some sense liquid bread. A theory is something that saves humans time. Do something where 1h feels to you as 5m. Health sometimes it's a behavioral problem. Approach each new project with a new insecurity. Keep a registry of intuitions. Use experiences that challenges your limitations. Never ignore the efforts of your team. There is no such thing as nothing. 1/5 of all living mammals are bats. Mind wandering leads to unhappiness. 60% adventure 40% security. Listen. Smaller things have faster angular momentum Do you know what is the World Wealth Report? We need Innovators, Trend spotters & Spreaders. Have you studied your fears? Types of Ideas: Just arrived, In progress, In conflict and emancipating. Is more important to be resourcefulness than having resources. Good photographs tell a story. Praise for effort, intelligence comes next. Are we moving from ownership to sharing to P2P? Reputation capital is hard to achieve and easy to lose. Entropy maybe the next big leap in Artificial Intelligence. Look for excellence instead of the result of it. Discovering our Connectome is key in understanding the brain. Who are you upsetting, connecting, leading?  (Seth Godin) Don't try to improve others work, look where nobody is looking. Do you know what is The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies? We all have gaps. Write a hand letter to someone every now and then. We need to build something to understand it. (Richard Feynman) First understand the literal level then go deeper. Transformation is a radical change. Do you know what is the Big History Project? Simplicity sells. Perspective is a powerful tool. Anticipation makes us happy. Do you understand your biases? Teaching is the  interconnection of concepts. Have focus with a meaning fueled by emotion. 3 types of people: undereducated, educated, overeducated. Real inspiration & growth usually comes from adversity & challenging times. We tell stories to ourselves for self reassurance. People want to be missed. Memes are  always trying to be copied. (Susan Blackmore) Playfulness drives creativity. Match what you do with who you are. Asking for help works better with the right connections. You are your best trainer. Impossible is something someone needs to put effort to solve. Do you know your family history and challenges they overcome? Mirror neurons were key to evolution. (Vilayanur Ramachandran) Live in the frontiers of possibility. Estimates of people are usually biased and far from reality. Tinkering economy is about fix it locally & cheap fabrication. Smart only means you are ready to learn. To change your state: use your inner voice with the  right questions and physical posture. Best scientists started out as amateurs. Memory is in some sense mind time-travel. Perception: know, think, believe, hope & dream. Fill the gaps between what is and what could be. A car is an avatar of its driver. Or problems are local or solutions are local. Is technology a sixth sense ? (Pattie Maes) Healthcare usually accounts for  10% of a nation GDP. Find signals out of noise. Are you outsourcing your knowledge to a computer? You don't learn from someone you don't like. How we respond to what happens to us shapes our future. Do you have 2 weeks short goals? Your enemies build your tolerance & persistence. No pain no change. An astrolabe is a form of ancient computer. It took thousands of years to put wheels to our luggage. Control your brain first then try to understand it. Robot rules: question assumptions, in doubt improvise, pivot if path blocked & practice! (Ken Goldberg) Increase your creativity by exploring, building and role playing. Do you know what is open source architecture? We have shifted from the search for universals to understanding variability. Complexity is the result of simple rules of interaction. (James B  Glattfelder) When you let go what you are, you become what you might be. Knowledge is dangerous, but ignorance is more. Will knowledge become obsolete? Never be the brightest person in the room. We are programmed to respond to stories. (Tyler Cowen) Last century we discover, this century we make things. Teach yourself to say, I don't know, and you will progress. Don't let what you know limit what you can imagine. When your learning curve flattens time to change your job. Whatever you can dream begin it. Do stuff that means something. If failure is almost inevitable, a little victory means a lot. There is always someone better ask for their help. A entrepreneur is someone who do something in the face of risks and uncertainty. Luck is being open to opportunities. Creativity is a quest not a gift. Big companies know how to scale, startups how to start. (David Butler) Our brain lives in chaos, regularity means trouble. Don't over think your goals. For the first time in history most people lives in cities. If you made a mistake do it again until you learn. You can't never get enough of what you don't need. Give up or show up. Always under promise but over deliver. My favorite Ferrari is the next. (Enzo Ferrari)
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