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May 2013 Ideas Archive June 2013 Ideas Archive July 2013 Ideas Archive August 2013 Ideas Archive September 2013 Ideas Archive October 2013 Ideas Archive November 2013 Ideas Archive December 2013 Ideas Archive Every task reductible to an algorithm will be sooner or later be performed by a machine instead of a human. Discipline: If you fail 1 day only you will notice it, fail for 1 week and your closer relatives will, 1 month and all the world will notice. Playing games is key in learning to lose. For the last, almost, two decades its easier to obtain 'data' than to understand it and extract 'Information', who will solve this paradox? Our mind processes 11M bits of information per second, conscience mind only 40 bits x second. Dont mind to tune up your autopilot! Safe now maybe risk later, good timing is Key to success. Your first win should be against yourself. Sell first the 'why' of your product or proposition and then the 'what', this way it's simply closer to human's mind scheme. Less options for the customer means more sales, avoid choice overload. Facts instead of judments leads to better outcomes. Startup = Experiment. Is the compass better than the map? Good design is about intent. Things are what we compare them to. Things are not what they are, they are what we think they are. Unleash the power of 'Chunking' for your brain. More choices damage our oportunity cost. More choices means less chance to choose. Define your brand new touchpoints with the consummer. Do you know what Structural chromogenic fibers like former 'Morphotex' are? How does your country perform in The Global Competitiveness Report? Stand out and it will spread. Watch who is tracking you on-line using collusion plugin. Mixing fields of knowledge, like for example physics & marketing leads to new discoveries. We need a Data Base of brain activity of people mastering its arts. Use topics (greek word topos = places) to memorize not words. Hope is not a good strategy. Tips for choices: less is more cut, concretize, categorize, condition from less importance to higher. Use the power of small success steps. An Objection is just a point of reference. Do you know, you can play for science using (protein folding app). Magic is a fantastic way to deal with your brain. Liars fake smile, but eye contraction is the real smile, or face saying no and words saying yes. Frequencies for Language & Music differ. Do you know what google ngram is? An advantage  justifies a  price that brings out  a profit. Spatial memory use three types of cells, Place, Boundary & Grid. Stories are about  characters, concepts, context, colors, time & excitement. Singularity University is a true place for innovation & leadership. Happy Planet Index is a global measure of sustainable well-being. Traits: Connect, be active, take notice, keep learning & give. Use photos to tell stories. Do you know there is a registry of standard biological parts? More Traits: integrity, passion, experience, knowledge, skill, leadership, commitment, vision, realism & coachability. Feedback word comes from the propulsion of rockets. Power is multipolar now , network with others for success. What dominates a story are: endings, changes & significant moments. Psychological moments are three seconds long. Behavioral economics is key in understanding our money related problems. Look at your own history to see foreseen things compared to real ones and find correlations. Slots,generate 2/3 of the income in a casino. Less mass production & more personalized products. What is in your DNA? , mine is a internet entrepreneur. Currently no single person knows how to build fully a product, it is a combination of many people. Social media is women predominant. Use the power of perception. Psychological value is often the best kind. Specialization is one of the keys to success. If you know how long you have to wait, it reduces anxiety. More choices raise the expectations of current selected choice. Everybody needs its own 'fishball' of limited options. Interviews are all about empathy. Much of our failures are due to preconceived ideas. More choices means less surprise. We look for evidences that reinforce our models. Do you know that soap mixed with water, and  frozen makes the resulting ice malleable. More traits: attitude, awareness &  authenticity. There is a difference between our remembering self & experiencing self. Use the power of reframming things. Argumentation: use a  logical progression, talk about what the other side knows or understands & use validators. Do you know there is a whistle championship? Small millestones help achieve big goals. Our percived value, is always a mix of several things, identify them. Choice could lead to Regret, Self blame, Exponential expectations & Oportunity costs. If you tell your goals they are less likely to become real. Do you know what is the magnus effect? Use patterns already associated in your brain for other purpose you need. Glamour is a type of falsification. Have you found latetly some hidden illusion, like the Davinci's eye? Do you know what neuroeconomics is? It's time to ask good questions. Brain is just 2-3% of our body, but uses +25% of its energy. How many times a day did you look at your mobile phone? In a few years logistics companies will burst to meet e-commerce demands. Success = passion + work + focus  +  new ideas + continuous improve +  persistence. Avoid to convince others= mistakes, lies, inconsistencies, too much thinking on the other side & difficult to understand concepts. What is your cognitive limit of stored information? Small moves can build momentum on bigger things. When you find something unexpected can you turn it into  a gift? Mystery is the key to imagination. Is easy to fail estimating chances. Singer was the first brand who talked (in adds) to women. Don't miss legibility for communication. Our  'guts brain'  has 500 million nerve cells like a cat's brain! Do you know that the crow is the most intelligent bird? Expected value= odds of gain x value of gain. Comparison changes the value of things. Happiness = wanting what you have / having what you want. There is no better competitor than yourself. Is it possible to reverse engineering  the human brain pathways? It is an error if you compare with what you had in  the past, instead of what other options you have in the present. Humans  have a very good hardware but not as good software. When you finger point someone, don't forget that 3 fingers point at you. In Japan streets don't have name, blocks does, and houses are numbered in built order. Are really needed 10.000 hours of deliberate growing practice (feedback included) to achieve mastery? Have you tried looking to reality with a different model? From commodities to goods to services to experiences to ...? A story is a character that overcomes a conflict to get a goal. Pleasure and happiness are different concepts. Incentives may collide counter fit them. 80% of healthcare expenses goes to chronic diseases. Higher price due futile, brain seems to enjoy it more in short term. What is the last thing you firmly believe? Its important to manage the value in disagreement & dissent. if not now then when?, if not me then who? To drill, start with small holes and then grow to bigger ones, it will avoid stress and break. Do you know what blue brain project is? A story is a random experience  filtered through some principles, like for example sound & music. Price winning kills innovation? Rewards vs effort is almost 25% of engagement, but measure & show progress. Multiple short & long term goals with rapid, frequent & clear feedback. Have you seen the amazing statistics at Round, translucent & overview are some attributes of glamour. Sing out what you want. Brain processing systems:  Identify objects   Create a mental Map   Emotional reactions. Use images to clarify ideas, interact with images to create engagement, augment memory with persisting and evolving views. Do you know what the tragedy of the commons is? In a barrel the grubs in the middle give rigidity. 1st time you do something is science, 2nd time is  engineering, 3rd technician. If you design a plane you deal with wind, a chair with the body, what do you deal with? Educate = bring out potential. If you want to go quickly go alone, if want to go far go together. Reward is stronger if unpredictable & uncertain. Placebo is better with a blue pill with a letter stamped, better with a capsule, and better a syringe. Learning models traits: critical thinking & problem solving + collaboration networks +  Initiative & entrepreneurship. Learning models traits: Effective Oral & written communication + accessing & analyzing information. Learning models traits: curiosity & imagination + Agility & adaptability. We need to explore 'dark matters'  or unknowns in other sciences like for example in dna. We are increasing exponentially our knowledge of Social behavior thanks to social networks. More traits (in this order): Knowledge, Order & Passion. When was the last time you followed a hunch? Don't say you are authentic unless you really are. Mesh = social + mobile + physical goods. Go for the artistic, empathic and inventive mindsets. Unleash the power of patterns of your brain. Rituals are about transformation. Explore your windows of enhanced attention, improved memory & confidence. ZMOT (Zero Moment Of Truth) has changed drastically with mobility & e/t-commerce. You add value if you advise or foresee the impact of technology in society. Awesome is a powerful word if surprises, challenges & puzzles. Time is money sentence seams to be coined by Benjamin Franklin. And from Plato: what space is to size, time is to value. Intelligence is when you are able to make others feel they are smart. The key to social success is orchestrating correctly  the users. 4 Product stages: price, critical mass, displacement, get free or commoditization. Self organizing in nature is amazing to watch. Train the power of perception to detect and foresee subtle differences and changes. Do you know what hydrographics printing is? Can you use all your online content to recreate and predict your life? World is not as it seems, we see things as WE are. Children are the messages we sent to the future. The timeframe between perceiving something and being oblivious to it, is 12 seconds. What is you burden? Do you know what a dry liquid is? Marketing is understanding how is the audience. The less resources available either you become more protective or aggressive. We are the process of successive mutations, what is next? What is the distribution of your Intellectual, emotional, rational, physical & economic capital? To Engage = create a community + make feel special + uniqueness + kinesthetic beauty + surprise. Compassion = affective + cognitive + motivational humble + ambition. Time perspective focus = Past   on positive +  Present   on hedonism + Future   on life goals. Agents of change = empathy and have something to prove. Do you know that villages in Africa are fractals? Larger markets increase incentives. A map of internet connections looks very much like the brain neuron connections. 60% of electricity in the world goes to power motors (half of it 30% to pumps & fans). Do you know that when you touch your neck, is to protect yourself? Who will lead the transformation to a robot ruled world? 90% of transplants are waiting for a kidney. 2/3 of the antibiotics comes from the soil. How many things we have that are used very rarely? Visual Creativity for Innovation, check out 1 in 110 children have some short of an autism. Don't fake it until you make it, fake it until you became it. Teach more statistics than calculus to meet the data driven world. 90-45 lines & turns in maps  are better understood by our brains. There are the less number of 'bytes' in our genome than in MS Office. Do you know there is digital archive of 3d biological morphology, Infectious ideas can hijack your will. Do you know what Li-Fi or optical wifi is? When the feedback of a decision is immediate, negative, concrete & agency seems to be better to take the passenger seat. We are bound by greater causes. We have a tendency to see meaningful patterns in meaningless noise. Surprise engages the brain. To change course in life you need to change altitude. All the batteries of the world can only store 10m of the world consumption. Do you know there is a magnetic gel? You need to create from everything you read, see, feel, remember & foresee. Human learning is slow and requires years of practice. Rules and incentives combined lead to better outcomes. Germany has more solar workers than the US steel workers. Do you want to go fast in the wrong direction or slow in the correct one. Anastrophe is the antithesis of catastrophe. We are born as originals but tend to die as clones. Our life expectancy expands five or six hours every day. We live our lives in three second intervals. More precision consumption instead of choice. To a worm in an apple the world is made of apple. We need a world of creators, empathizers, pattern recognizers & meaning makers. Learn from mistakes is good but not enough, remembering is key too. The human mind is poorly built for complexity. Pessimists and optimist contribute to our society, the optimist invent the airplane and the pessimists the parachute. When you define yourself don't look to others. Virtually anything can be described as new to some group of people in the world. Push yourself but get feedback. We have too much data and no theory of the brain. When you want to think long term look to the mountain. Science is seeing what everybody sees but thinking what nobody thinks. Be the best, the cheapest, the fastest or the nicest or the opposite of all these terms. Little failures and wins lead to quick feedback If you share a DNA marker with someone you share an ancestor. Brain representation hierarchies: micro-memes + neural nets + semantic nets +story-like scripts. The greater ideas you will ever get are probably those that other people don't understand. Happiness is a science too! Types of probability: A priory (frequency based), Statistical (observed), Estimates (unknowns). A sad paradigm billion over feed and a billion don't feed. We live in a millisecond world. Practice instead of play, stretch your abilities every day. A job is a way to pay the bills. A career is a path toward increasingly better work. A calling is a vital part or your identity & a key part of your life.
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