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Machine Teacher, Human Advisor and
Brain Explorer
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Trusted by 100+ Global Brands since 1995

Author of 3 books, Keynote Speaker,
lectured 400+ Conferences & Seminars, in EU and US - [US Speaker Bureau]

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Science & Technology Serial Entrepreneur [ 5X CEO ]
Leading 100's of projects for Fortune500s
Artificial Intelligence Board Member and Advisor to CEO's
30+ over the last 15 years including:
Emotiv Inc | NexStem | KeenFolks | BChange | LaAgencia | VivoFacil and many others.

"We need at least 1000x more A.I. brains" (2022)
"From coding to teaching Machines" (2017)
"We have been creating tools since the beginning of time, soon the tools will become the next us" (2015)
"Type > Touch > Talk > Think" (2014)
"Nanotechnolgy is key to democratize Space access" (2004)
"Virtual Reality is fundamental to leverage the computation of 2/3s of your brain" (1996)
35 Years Researching to Challenge
the impossible
Reserach Gate Profile | Google Scholar | Arxiv Profile | Hugging Face David Vivancos Profiles
Areas of Research:
Coded 1.5M+ lines of code (>1 Million A.I.)
25+ programming languages since > 1990 ASM,
C (1993), JAVA (1995), Python (2012)...
_IP Internet Pioneers
Research in General Artificial Intelligence (AGI)
> 24K hrs since 1995

Virtual / Augmented Reality > 1995

Brain Computer Interfaces > 1998

Electronic Art R&D > 1998

Nanotechnology & Space Propulsion > 2004

Early GPT like developed > 2006

3D Printing > 2009

Ideas & Thoughts (2013-2016)

Machine Learning for Brain Research - MindBigData > 2014

Microbiome > 2016

Knowledge Vaults > 2024

Latest Conferences, Articles & Interviews

-Towards True A.I.
BIP Health and Wellbeing 2024
-True AI
Exploring the Future with $QUBIC 2024
-AI, New Paradigms
URJ - CEDEU 2024
-AI 2040 Elon University Report, Feb 2024 (pdf)
David Vivancos 17th report Future of Digital Life 2024 Elon Univ
-AI, Shaping the Future. A Debate on Progress, Ethics, and Regulation
Future Talks 2024
-Artifical Intelligence Beyond Hard Skills Panel
Corporate learning Day 2023
David Vivancos Rosalia Odonell & Juanjo Fraile	With Rosalia Odonell & Juanjo Fraile
-Artifical Intelligence and Education
ACADE TOP Voices Education 2023
-The End of Knowledge and the rise of AI
Cordoba Archeological Museum 2023
-Entrepreneurship with Machines
Work In Progress 2023
David Vivancos WIP conference Murcia 2023
-Artificial Intelligence & Healthcare
Ferring 2023
David Vivancos Ferring Keynote 2023
-The End Of Knowledge, Sept 2023 New Book
Amazon US Paperback / Hard Cover/ Kindle
UK Paperback / Hard Cover
CA / AU / ES / SE / DE / FR / IT / JP / PL

David Vivancos Book Automate or Be Automated 2020 Paperback and Amazon Kindle
-Augmented Human and the new world
Talentya 2023
Evo Bank 2023
- Technologies that will shape our lives.
Mahou San Miguel, 2023
- Neurotechnologies & A.I.
Learning Initiative for Mensa like IQ students. 2023
- Brain Computer Interfaces
ADigital 2023
-Generative A.I.
Igers 2023
David Vivancos with Jimmy Pons and Phill Gonzalez With Jimmy Pons & Phil Gonzalez
-A.I. & Quantum Computing.
Portobello Capital 2023
Repsol 2023
-Data & A.I. for Web3 [The first AI-Generated Keynote]
LimitL3ss BCN TKF 2022 (article) (video)
David Vivancos First AI Generated Keynote
-Innovation & A.I.
Innov-action 2022
-MSD Oncology Meeting & TKF
Web3 Challenges & Opportunities 2022
-First European Summit on Blockchain & Metaverse in Travel & Tourism
International Perspective Round Table 2022
-Cofares Strategic Summit 2022-2025
Artificial Healthcre & Virtual Future 2022
David Vivancos Cofares Keynote 2022
-Educaverse - Colegio Torrequebrada Málaga (article)
Virtual Intelligence & Artificial Reality 2022
-Learning Initiative for Gifted IQ students.
Disruptive Technologies 2022
-Torrequebrada School Malaga
A.I. & Education 2022
-Scientific & Literary Athenaeum
Future(s) 2022
-Autobiography Radio Interview
RNE 2022
David Vivancos Entrevista Autobiográfica con Teresa Viejo en RNE La Observadora
-Artificial Intelligence Inspiration Week 2.0
Reckitt Benckiser Opening Remote Keynote 2021
Cofares Fundation Opening Keynote 2021
-NeuroScience & A.I. for Tourism
Turium Madrid 2021 Closing Keynote
David Vivancos NeuroScience and AI Turium Madrid Closing Keynote
-20,000 Hours Researching General A.I. (Synopsis)
TV Future Summit 2021 Opening Sessions
-What did I learn starting impossible ventures
The KeenFolks Office Opening Keynote 2021
-Towards The Last Human C.E.O.
Digital Enterprise Show 2021 Closing Keynote
[coined the term M-C.E.O.]
David Vivancos Towards The Las Human CE Closing Keynote
-A.I. & Education
Llevate el Exito 2021
-A.I. The Leaders Journey
AMETIC A.I. Now opening Keynote 2021
-Artificial Intelligence Keynote
Normon board 2021
-Datification - Machine Learning & A.I.
Porsche 2021
-A.I. - Machine Learning & Deep Learning.
Randstad 2021
-LAIFE The Era of Artificial Intelligence
Audible podcast documentary 2021

David Vivancos LAIFE Audible Interviews
-Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Automation
Johnson and Johnson Kickoff 2021
-Automate or Be Automated, 2020 Book (English)
Amazon Paperback US/ UK/ CA/ ES/ DE/ FR/ IT/ JP
Barnes & Noble Paperback US/CA/AU
Kindle US/ UK/ CA/ AU/ ES/ DE/ FR/ IT/ NL/ JP/ BR/ IN/ MX
Google Play Ebook in 79 Countries
David Vivancos Book Automate or Be Automated 2020 Paperback and Amazon Kindle
- Fireside chat Ghost in the Machine - Digital humans in a digital world(video)
AI For Good - ITU (International Telecommunication Union), Geneve Nov-2020
-Artificial Intelligence & Fintech
Liber_Bank Remote-Keynote 2020
-Artificial Intelligence From Digitization to Automation
Santander Leaders Experience Remote-Keynote 2020
-Artificial Intelligence & Creativity
EDP Renewables Remote-Keynote 2020
-Automate or Be Automated Radio Interview 1'5h (Web)(ivoox)
The Space Show, California Apr-2020
-Artificial Intelligence
Price Waterhouse Coopers Remote-Keynote 2020
-Artificial Intelligence and the future of HealthCare
Novartis Petrilab Sinergies Think Tank 2020
-Artificial Intelligence paradigms of an Automated World
4th Big Data Summit Opening Keynote Vocento Las Provincias 2020
-Artificial Intelligence challenges for Marketing
BEING HUMAN IN AN A.I WORLD - MRM McCann Microsoft Panel 2020 (press release)

David Vivancos BEING HUMAN IN AN A.I WORLD panel by MRM McCann 2020
With Marina Specht & Pilar López
-From Robotic Process Automation to Artificial Intelligence
Opening Keynote ACO Nordic Europe Meeting 2019
-Artificial Intelligence and Evolution
Alcala de Henares University & MSD Keynote 2019
-Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare
Astra Zeneca AsmaAvanza Summit Keynote 2019
-Artificial Intelligence for the Industry
TESA Carterpillar Finanzauto STET meeting Closing Keynote 2019
-From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence 2019 Edition (English only new Book/eBook)
Amazon Paperback US/ UK/ DE/ FR/ JP/ IT
Kindle US/ UK/ DE/ FR/ IT/ NL/ JP/ BR/ CA/ AU/ IN
David Vivancos Book From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence 2019 Edition Paperback and Amazon Kindle
-Artificial Intelligence: Towards a Jobless world (for humans)
Porsche Smart Mobility Lab Keynote 2018/2019
-Artificial Intelligence For Space Exploration Keynote
Huawei Academia Salon VIP dinner 2018 Brussels
David Vivancos Huawey Space Artificial Intelligence Keynote (2018)

-Artificial Intelligence Opening Keynote & AI co-creation Sessions
BNP Paribas 2018 Stretch Your Business Meeting
David Vivancos BNP Artificial Intelligence Keynote (2018)
-From Artificial Intelligence to Brain Reading &Writing
TEDx 2018
-From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence Keynote
Santander Bank 2018
-Artificial Intelligence Keynote
Digital Luxury Association Meeting 2018
-Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare
Closing Keynote CaixaForum Madrid / 7th Health Insurance Forum Adeslas-SegurCaixa 2018
-Artificial Intelligence
Guggenheim Museum / El Correo InnovaBilbao 2018
David Vivancos Guggenheim Museum Artificial Intelligence Keynote (2018)
-Digital Society Challenges
LaSalle Managing Directors Annual meeting 2018 (Synopsis)
-Artificial Intelligence for SmartCities
3M Marketing Geek 2018
-Artificial Intelligence Keynote
Campofrio Food Group Europe Marketing Council 2017
-Artificial Intelligence: Beyond human creativity
Opening Keynote JCDecaux XV Edition 2017 Out-of-Home Advertising Awards
David Vivancos JCDecaux 2017 Keynote
-Artificial Intelligence From Coding To Teaching Keynote.
Samsung Dev Day 2017 (Synopsis)
 Artificial Intelligence Samsung Dev Day TVE Interview (2017)
TVE Interview (2017)
-Artificial Intelligence Keynote.
Havas Media Inspiration Day 2017
-Artificial Intelligence & Real State 2017
Inmocionate 2017 Opening Keynote (Video Excerpt)
 Artificial Intelligence And Real State Inmocionate (2017)
-Artificial Intelligence Keynote Keynote 2017.
INDRA BPO Innovation Awards
-Artificial Intelligence & University Technology Transfer 2017
UAM OTRI Network Anual Meeting
-Artificial Intelligence and the future of Education 2017
La Salle Education 2040 RoundTable
-A.I., Human Augmentation & Space Exploration, 2017
The Light Project, To foster the Young Leaders of Tomorrow
-Artificial Intelligence for Space Exploration, The Future of Employment on Earth and Beyond. (Audio)
The Space Show, Radio Interview 2017
-Artificial Intelligence & Creativity Dec 2016 Keynote.
Leo Burnett 2016
Inteligencia Artificial y Creatividad Leo Burnett (2016)
-The Road to Supra-Intelligence 2016 Keynote.
DerCyTe Human Rights, Science And Technolgy forum 2016
-From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence 2016 Keynote.
AMMDE Women, Technology And Employment 2016
-Artificial Intelligence 2016 Keynote.
Everis NTT Data 2016 Tech. Open Challenge Innovation Day 2016
-Artificial Intelligence 2016 CaixaForum Zaragoza Keynote.
Khunel, Heraldo Media Group & CaixaBank 2016
-7 Technologies for Marketing & Sales in 2016.
Tech & Trends 2015 Havas Media Group Arena Media 2015
-Vinton Cerf & Internet Pioneers Group IP (2015
Vinton Cerf & Internet Pioneers Group IP Andreu Vea, David Vivancos and many more (2015)
-Back to The Future (The Future is Now Panel - Value of Innovation).
APD 10/21/2015
-True Nature of Success, Innovation - Art - Technolology
APD, La Salle IGS, Gas Natural Fenosa, 2015
David Vivancos True Nature Of Success (2015)
With S. Zannou
-Starting Impossible Ventures, a LEAN Approach
La Salle International Graduate School of Business, 2015
-Artificial Intelligence And Communication.
The Future of Journalism without Journalists? Univ. of Navarra, 2015
-Artificial Intelligence And Human Augmentation.
INESDI MasterClass, 2015
-Healthcare Technology Trends & The Digital Customer, Silicon Valley View
Zoetis (Pfizer Spin Off) Innovation Days (12 Cities), 2015 (Synopsis)
David Vivancos The Future of Life Conference (2015)
-Commencement Speech, The Future of "Life" . Machine Learning & Human Augmentation
La Salle International Graduate School of Business, 2015 (Synopsis)
David Vivancos The Future of Life Conference (2015)
-LEAN Entreprenurship Conference, La Rioja Entrepreneur's Day
UNIR Logroño, 2015
David Vivancos LEAN Entrpreneur Conference (2015)
-Press Conference about LEAN Startup Initiatives, government level & International University of La Rioja
Logroño, 2014
David Vivancos Press Conference  (2014)
-Brant Cooper, Co-Author of The LEAN Entrepreneur Interview
Madrid-San Diego, 2014 (video)
-UPM Entrepreneurship forum, startup roundtable
Madrid, 2013
-Telefonica School of Business Excellence Openning & Closing remarks,
Madrid, 2012 Course
David Vivancos Telefónica  (2012)
-Augmented Reality & Paleoanthropology with Juan Luis Arsuaga at Telefonica
Madrid, 2011
Augmented Reality (2011)
-Telefonica School of Technical Excellence Openning & Closing remarks,
Madrid, 2009,2010,2011 & 2012 Courses
-Telefonica School of Technical Excellence, Madrid 2010
   -LTE, LTE Advanced, WiMax, M2M, ZigBee, NFC, Wireless Security
   -IT for corporate strategy: DSS, MIS, OLAP,SCM, KMS.

-Nanotechnology Master, Madrid 2009
-Course about Industrial Applications of Nanotechnologies
-Course about Nanotechnology International Overview

-Seminars in Madrid 2008/2009:
   - Web Services, .NET,  XML, Project Management UML, Oracle, J2EE 
   - Web 2.0 Development Security, and others

-Alumni Forum UPM, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, London Business School, Madrid 2007
Lecture Title: Innovative Project Nanoespacio
David Vivancos Alumni UPM-Stanford-MIT (2007)
-UPS 2007, Salamanca, Spain
Lecture Title: Virtual Reality 1958-2008
David Vivancos 50 Years of Virtual Reality (2007)
- Nanocomposites & Nanotubes 2007, Brussels, Belgium
Lecture Title: Nanotubes for Aerospace Applications

-UPM Forum, 2006, Madrid, Spain
Lecture Title: Nanotechnology Business Creation

- International Congress of Nanotechnology 2005 , San Francisco USA.
Chairman of the Symposium on Nanomaterials
Chairman of the Roundtable on Nanotechnology for Space
Lecture Title: Road map of Nanotechnologies for Space Exploration
David Vivancos Int. Con. NanoTech San Francisco (2005)
With Nobel Laureate Martin L. Perl
- Panel Discussion, Applications of Nanotechnology INA ( Nanosciences Institute of Aragon) sum 2005
Title: Nanotechnology for Space Exploration

- IX Internet World Congress 2004, Madrid
Conference Coauthor with a manager of the main Medical complex of Madrid The Hospital Ramón y Cajal.
Title: Trends and Issues of Collaboration between Medicine and Technology.
- 2003 Annual IberoAmerican Business meeting in Bilbao
Title: Security Challenges in the Era of Silicon
- 2002 Hospital Ramon y Cajal 25 Years Aniversary
David Vivancos 25 Years of Ramón y Cajal (2002)
With J. Alido

- UCM Culturtec 2002 Madrid
Title: Virtual Reality & Cultural Heritage.
David Vivancos CulturTec (2002)
With J. Alido
- Inaugurated the first Virtual Reality Museum, Cuenca XVI Century 2002

- IHCI's (2001) DavidVivancos with RosalindPicard and esusAlido 2001
With Rosalind Picard & J. Alido


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Sep 2016, Author of the Book From Big Data to Arificial Intelligence.
Autor del Libro Del Big Data a la Inteligencia Artificial - Unidad Editorial - Expansión - El Mundo - The Valley (2016) Apr 2016, A tribute to the father of Artificial Intelligence (1912).
Feb 2016, The Age of Wonder.
Feb 2016, 999 Ideas later...
Jun 2015, Why Ideas & Thoughts? A tribute to "fathers".
May 2015, The Fourth Internet Wave.
Mar 2015, About The Future of "Life"
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Aug 2007 Nanotechnology & Robotics.
Dec 2006, Nanotechnology for Space Exploration (Espacio magazine).
Dec 2006 Is Nanotechnology Safe for human health?.
Aug 2006 The 8 Planets of the Solar system.
Jun 2006,  Radio  interview at TheSpaceShow ( AudioHere)
Apr 2006 The Future of Propulsion.
Mar 2006 Necuse Nanoespacio Custom Search.
Jan 2006, Interview at CRN New York (Transcription Here)
Aug 2005 NEMS (Nano-Electro-Mechanical-System).
Jul 2005 The Icy moons of the Solar System.
May 2005 About Private Space Flight.
Apr 2005 Form Mars to Titan.
Apr 2005 Research in Nanotechnology applied to space propulsion started.
Nov 2004 Universal 3D.
Oct 2004 Ars Electronica Festival 1979-2004.
Apr 2004 4 Nanotechnology Books.
Jun 2003 Wireless Technologies.
Apr 2003 Science & Life.
Dec 2002 Words About Computer Security.
Dec 2002 Introduction to the term Electronic Art.
Nov 2002 Nanotechnology I.
Nov 2002 Present & Future of Virtual Reality.
Dec 1998, TV Interview about applications of Virtual Reality.(video captions in english)
David Vivancos Virtual Reality TV Interview (1998)
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