Feb-07 NanoEspacio becomes the exclusive Wholesaler of Nanotitan in Spain & Europe

Since February 2007 NanoEspacio is the exclusive distributor in Spain, Portugal, and its sales representative in the European Community,(Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus (Greek Part), The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ) , of NanoTITAN INC a company from the United States of America, a key developer of Software for Nanotechnology.

Since 2001, nanoTITAN offers state-of-the-art software, unique databases and custom simulation, visualization and analysis services targeted to scientists and engineers working in the emerging field of nanotechnology. nanoTITANís goal is to be the premier provider of nanoinformatics and software to the nanotechnology community, and to assume a central role in the evolution of nanotechnology from research and development to profitable application. nanoTITAN is committed to being a trusted partner in analysis efforts with academia, business and government.

Detailed information about Nanotitanís products in:

David Vivancos Cerezo


Ago-06 NanoEspacio becomes the Wholesaler of Nanotechnology Coatings in Spain

Since August 2006 Nanoespacio is wholesaler of a wide variety of Nanotechnology products in Spain.

Nanotechnology is the upcoming revolution of the XXI century, greater than the industrial revolution and the IT.
This revolution will come once we can build atom by atom in a daily basis and once manage completely the forces at this scale, Until that moment we are able to synthesize nanostructures allowing improvements in many ordinary materials.

Some of these improvements are available today through the coating of materials, adding new properties or extending the existing ones, there are products for a wide variety of surfaces and materials like: Plastics, Synthetic materials, Textile & Leather, Glass & Ceramics, Concrete & Flooring, Rims (alloy/steel), Stainless Steel, Wood & Stone, Laminates and other products the automotive and Nautical industries, Nanotechnology Anti-Condensation, Nanotechnology Anti-Static, Nanotechnology cleaners, Nanotechnology Anti-Fire and more.

The relevance of having this products available in the market will:
 - Help to generate economic savings, time in maintenance operations, giving new uses for current materials and helping to protect the environment.
- Showing practically the advantages of Nanotechnology to the industry, the business, the general public and in essence to the society.

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David Vivancos Cerezo


Jun-06 The Space Show Interview about Nanotechnology for Space

In June 1st 2006, I was interviewed by Dr. David Livingston in The Space Show about the impacts of Nanotechnology for Space.
The Space Show is a radio program in the west coast of US, listened in more than 50 countries.

Dr David Livingston is the host and creator of The Space Show, since 2001 it has been the platform where you can hear the key members of the traditional and alternative space sector talking about their views on the present and future of space tourism, space commerce and many other space related topics.
With more the 500 interviews of astronauts, Executives & CEOs, writers, thinkers and much more, I encourage everybody to hear them, because it is the best way to connect directly with the space world in first person from the people that its making it possible.

I want to thank Dr David Livingston, for what he is doing to promote all this space activities, through The Space Show and its new foundation One Giant Leap.

The Details of the Interview are here:

You can here my interview directly here too:

You can hear all the previous and future guests of The Space Show here:

David Vivancos Cerezo


Nov-05 International Congress of Nanotechnology 2005
San Francisco USA

David Vivancos, was the chairman of a symposium about Nanomaterials and a panel about Nanotechnology for Space in the International Congress of Nanotechnology in San Francisco. And also giving a lecture about the Nanotechnology Road Map for Space Exploration.

The congress itself covered a wide spectrum of Nanotechnology like Nanomaterials, Nanoelectronics, Nanobiotechnology, Nanomedicine, Social & Environmental impacts of Nanotechnolgy, Capital Investment, Intellectual property and Nanotechnology Standards.

The organizer of the event was the International Association of Nanotechnology IANANO, a young organization but with a very good potential. There were two Nobel laureates in the conference, and a very high level of eminent speakers from more than 38 countries and from different fields of knowledge.

There were more than 50 conferences worldwide about Nanotechnology in 2005, I have been this year in 4 of them 2 in Europe and 2 in USA.

The Nanotechnology for Space Panel was formed by:
Dr Minoo N. Dastoor
   NASA Senior Advisor in the Exploration Mission Directorate , USA
Mr David Vivancos
   CEO, Science & Technology chief Architect of Nanoespacio, SPAIN
Dr David Livingston
   Host and founder of The Space Show, USA
Dr Oudeua Coumar
   EADS Project Manager on Micro & Nanotechnologies for Space, FRANCE

My lecture about the Road Map of Nanotechnologies for Space Exploration covered:

The history of both Nanotechnology and Space
The actual status of each field
The different applications of Nanotechnology for:
      Space Launch
      Space Structures & Materials
      Space Propulsion & Power
      Space Guidance & Navigation
      Space Electronics & Communications
      Space Science Instruments
      Space Life Support
And the Road map for the next 50 years.

David Vivancos Cerezo


Mar-05 The Born of NANOESPACIO

After eight years of working and researching in different fields of Technology & Science I decided to start a new business and focus all my efforts in the fields of Space Exploration & Nanotechnology.

The Company main activities are applied research and development in the Space Private Sector & Nanotechnology, Consulting, Technology Transfer, Planning, analysis and design of Space missions.

Why mixing two so different scales in one company?, because Nano is a deep understanding of the underlying principles of nature, in nature we have the duality between the physic laws and what we humans want to do.
In other words we need gravity to live, but we also want to override it to achieve and explore Space.

Nanotechnology through innovation for example in materials is the key to a cheaper Space travel, and cost is the main problem of the actual slow space exploration initiatives.

We want to modest contribute in the effort of allowing Space  travel and exploration to everybody.

Time will Tell how far we can get.

David Vivancos Cerezo


Nov-02 First Permanet Historic Virtual Reality Museum Open

Electronic ART Int. Prd. with FRACAMAN (Castilla la Mancha association of artisans ) open In The City of Cuenca in Spain the first Permanent Historic Virtual Reality Museum in Spain in the old church of Santa Cruz.
The church was reconstructed, and the interior design was done by
Electronic ART Int. Prd., it's used by the artisans for commercial purposes, you can buy there a lot of artisans work shown in the exposition area, we also introduce in this area a huge projection screen and multimedia wireless system for promotional purposes.
Down in an old and small crypt with just ten square meters were they find mommy's from de inquisition in the past we introduce a virtual reality device, Virtual historical worlds and a High definition projection screen.
There is a new way of take a look at the past of the artisans work of all the state of Castilla la Mancha.