David Vivancos Cerezo
CEO, Science & Technology Chief Architect of

My Personal Profile includes entrepreneur vision  with a duality of continuous research in different fields of Science, and a deep knowledge of interdisciplinary Technological fields being pioneer in some of them.

First entrepreneurship action was at the age of 8 when published a small newspaper in the early school. Business activities begin in 1997 at the age of 21. First Working as a professional by own account and in 1998 co-founded with Jesús Alido, an artist of reputation, the companies ART2000 and later on Electronic ART International Productions. In 2005 leaved the previous companies and founded alone the company Nanoespacio.

With and early learning of Computer Science. Learning Machine Language on my own and several other programming languages before having sixteen years, wins with Fernando Rodriguez my first programming competition at the age of 15, and starts establishing the foundations of my technological background.
Pioneer in Spain in development and teaching of the JAVA programming language and Internet Developments, Teaching the first Lecture in this Language in 1995 in the Institute of ART and Technology.
With more than 150 courses, conferences & seminars distributed personally in different matters of new technology, totaling more than 5.000 hours. In more than 18 different programming languages, Data Base Software and design, Geographic Information Systems, 3D design and modeling, Virtual Reality and sensors, Gaming Technology applied to other fields, Computer Security, Cryptography, Networking, Internet Culture, Wireless Systems, Remote Sensing, Image Interpretation, Business Management and others.
Directed and implanted more than 200 Internet Projects, server & client side. He follows a vanguard activity in the implementation of the technological revolution, In the development of Internet- Intranet applications , wireless computing , First Developments in Spain of PDAs & Pocket Pc, Internet Security Expert and consultant, Audiovisual Systems, Engineering and simulation of complex systems and other technologic fields. Nanotechnology, Astrophysics, Astrodynamics, Space Propulsion.

The relation with Science also starts early with an active seek for knowledge and continuous learning in interdisciplinary fields, The Space filed is the true passion
started also at the age of 8 when I build my first “prototype” of Spaceship  which flown just a few meters.
In 1995 confounded with Jesús Alido The first Department of Virtual Reality and Cyberspace in the Institute of Arts and Technology, University of San Francisco in Madrid being pioneer in the implementation of such technologies in Spain.
Since 2000 starts researching in the fields of Nanotechnology and later on 2002 focused in Space Science.

AIAA,  American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AAAS, American Association for the Advancement of Science
NSS, National Space Society
The Planetary Society


Some of the latest conferences  & seminars distributed:

-Seminar on Oracle Development, Madrid 2008

-Seminar on .NET 2008 Technologies, Madrid 2008

-Seminar on J2EE, Madrid 2008

-Seminar on Web 2.0 Development Security, Madrid 2008

-Several Seminars on IT Project Management & UML, Madrid 2008

-Forum AA UPM, Standford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, London Business School, Madrid 2007
Lecture Title: Innovative Project Nanoespacio

-UPS 2007, Salamanca, Spain
Lecture Title: Virtual Reality 1958-2008

-Nanocomposites & Nanotubes 2007, Brussels, Belgium
Lecture Title: Nanotubes for Aerospace Applications

-UPM Forum, 2006, Madrid, Spain
Lecture Title: Nanotechnology Business Creation

- International Congress of Nanotechnology 2005 , San Francisco USA.
Chairman of the Symposium on Nanomaterials
Chairman of the Roundtable on Nanotechnology for Space
Lecture Title: Road map of Nanotechnologies for Space Exploration

- Panel Discussion, Applications of Nanotechnology INA ( Nanosciences Institute of Aragon) sum 2005
Title: Nanotechnology for Space Exploration

Conference Coauthor with a manager of the main Medical complex of Madrid The Hospital Ramón y Cajal.
Title: Trends and Issues of Collaboration between Medicine and Technology.

- 2003 Annual IberoAmerican Business meeting in Bilbao
Title: Security Challenges in the Era of Silicon


Apr 2007, TV Interview about practical applications of Nanotechnology.
Jun de 2006,  Radio  interview at TheSpaceShow ( Audio Here )
Jan 2006, Interview at CRN ( Transcription  Here )